Top 5 Roommate Finding Apps

Having to rent a room, but worried about your roommate? You go through several ads on the internet but still can decide where to trust and if someone you found is trustworthy or not. With these Apps, not only can you find a roommate, but also find a place where you can rent a room.

Here is a list of the top 5 roommate finding apps that are very reliable and can help you find out a perfect roommate for you.

1. Circle for Roommates

The main thought behind this App is that this App believes in the concept of friends. They believe that it will be good for you if you move in with your friends, or with the friends of your friends. That is you will be moving in with someone you will know. Now, who are these friends? They are your Facebook friends. All the users need to log in with their Facebook accounts and give their locations. You just swipe people based on your liking or disliking until you have found your right roommate. As of now, this App is available only for iOS.

2. Cirtru

The first and foremost criterion for finding a roommate is that your roommate should be trustworthy. With the Cirtru app, you might find the one. Cirtru means Circle of Trust. Whenever a user registers in this app, they have to go through identity verification before they can connect with other users. The App also gives you more verification options like employment, education, background check, and even government-issued ID check. These details that you provided will remain private. You can anonymously connect with other users using the app’s chat feature. You don’t have to pay anything to use this app. However, if you want to get a background check of your roommate match you can just pay a small fee.

3. Roomi

This App is available for both iOS as well as for Android. This App is famous for its background check of its users. This ensures safety for everyone so that the user doesn’t end up staying with a fraud. When a user profile completes all steps of verification, then a badge is displayed on the profile.  This shows that it’s an authentic profile. If you are the one putting up a spare room, then it gets deleted from the App once a roommate is found. Finally, the share of the roommate’s rent is transferred on the day your roommate moves in.

4. SpareRoom

Apart from your roommate being trustworthy, another thing that is important in a roommate search is that you and your roommate must have something in common. Otherwise, it can be very awkward. Using the SpareRoom app, you can personalize your search so that you can find a roommate according to your preferences. This App is available in the App Store as well as Google Play.

5. Roomster

It’s true that whenever you find a potential roommate, you directly go through their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Then, by stalking them you find out that what they show in the App is different from reality. Roomster saves you from all this trouble. To register on this app, you need to log in with any of your social media accounts. Thus, you can directly go through their profile. It is available both for Android as well as iOS.