Snapchat Helps Users Celebrate Earth Day

22nd April is celebrated as Earth day throughout the world. This day is mainly celebrated to appreciate the Earth, our relation with it, and how we can conserve our planet. Since the pandemic situation is still there, most Earth Day celebrations will take place online. Owing to the virtual celebrations this year, Snapchat has launched some features and tools using which we too can celebrate Earth Day.

These tools will help us to raise consciousness about the different kinds of environmental problems that are taking place. We, humans, need to sustain our environment and take care of it and this is what Snapchat is showing with its new tools. It shows that we all have a role in protecting our planet.

You can search ‘earth Day’ on Snapchat. On searching this, you will find AR lenses created by official Lens Creators like Nick Kazakov, Jonah Cohn, Wayne Lambo, and others. You can try out these and also share these. Next if you search for ‘Happy Earth Day’ Bitmoji, you will find various interesting Bitmojis through which you can wish your contacts. Apart from these, there are other Bitmojis available using which one can remind other users to switch off the lights and recycle things. These are small but important things necessary to conserve our planet.

This is the 51st Global Earth Day. The first Earth Day took place in 1970, and there were 20 million people who ran onto the streets in the US. This was in protest of the 3 million gallons of the oil spill that occurred off the coast of California in 1969. This is still the largest mass gathering ever in history.