New Update Of Google Map Will Change The Way You Drive

As per rumors going around, Google is making a change in the algorithm of Google Maps. This new change is said to change the way you use the map forever.

According to reports from autoevolution, the change that Google is said to make in the algorithm will help the drivers to go from one point to another point in the minimum possible time.

The report also states that towards the end of this year the company will launch a new update for Google Maps by which users won’t find the fastest way to reach a destination but they will find the most fuel-efficient way on the map. Through the new update, it will be calculated how much gas is being used to reach a certain point and not the time.

This will reduce the carbon footprint as several factors will be taken into account.

Also, in case you still want to see the fastest route and the fuel isn’t a factor then you can easily switch back to the old algorithm and find the fastest way. Though, after the update at first, the fuel-efficient way will be shown only.

Another feature of the new update will be the improvement of public transport on the app. This means that after the update there will be a step-by-step breakdown of the route using public transport, along with an estimation of the time of arrival.

Google Maps recently brought back the compass feature which was removed in 2019 to provide more screen space on the Navigation screen. The compass is seen on the right side of the screen.