Google Will Not Celebrate April’s Fool This Year

In April Fool’s this year Google has decided not to crack any joke or play any kind of prank. This is the second time they have done it. The Verge and Business Insider got to know from the company that due to the pandemic going on, April Fool’s day would not be celebrated.

Although, Google did make some jokes recently one of which included fake plans of settling on mars. Another was one of a human-animal translation app.

Due to the pandemic, the world was in a very grim state in 2020. Due to this, the tech giant did not release any funny jokes which they usually released on that day.

This year will also be the same. To quote the tech giant, “much of the world is still grappling with serious challenges.”

According to a report from Business Insider, it is known that Google has sent emails to their managers personally telling them that no jokes will be happening this year too.

Marvin Chow, VP for global marketing stated that instead of cracking jokes, the tech giant should focus on how they can bring happiness to the users, the way they did last year.

What Chow means is how Google puts up celebratory doodles on its homepage. Like, to celebrate and honor the Perseverance Mars Rover’s successful touchdown, Google Art and Culture page featured a full 3D model of the rover. Also, any search word having the keyword ‘perseverance’ would fill the user’s screen with animations of fireworks.

Although Google has taken this step, not every other tech industry did the same. Like, Flipkart played a prank on its users by saying that they will be using Bitcoin as a form of payment. Realme also joked about releasing a Meow range which will be having products like Meow Book, Meow AI Speakers, and Meow VR glasses. They then confirmed on Twitter that this was just a joke.