Apple Laptops To Get New Type Of Keyboard

As per new reports, Apple laptops will be seeing a major change. A new patent has been registered by Apple in which keyboards are removed from laptops. This was granted on 30 March and describes a “configurable force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices”, which replaces the keyboard’s keys with small displays. Using this, the user can change the keyboard as per his choices and the user need not follow the classic QWERTY configuration.

It seems like the tech giant is increasing the technology that it uses in the touch bar of its current MacBooks. The touch bar is the thin strip Of OLED displays lying on the top of MacBook Pro keyboards. The patent says that the new keyboards will be having “keys coupled to a housing” with a “movable key member” on each key and an “associated key display.” This thus makes it clear that the company is just trying to incorporate more than one function for a single key.

The patent further says, “Each key movable key member may be formed from a fiber optic plate. The fiber optic plate may be formed from a coherent fiber bundle with opposing first and second surfaces. The first surface may be adjacent to the key display and may receive key label images from the key display. The second surface may face outwardly towards a user and may receive key press input from the fingers of a user while presenting key label images for viewing.”

However, it still isn’t known that whether Apple will be implementing these keyboards on its common MacBooks. This is a completely new technology and it might be difficult for the users to learn and get used to. The current keyboards that we used are made after a lot of research and they are dependent on muscle memory. The users have formed this over years.

But then again, this kind of keyboard might solve some of the problems that mechanical keyboards have. For example, emojis could be placed on the keyboard. Also, new shortcuts and functions can be invented.