Top 10 Siri Commands That Every AirPods User Should Know

To get the best done out of your AirPods, you need to know some Siri commands. Here are such 10 important Siri commands that every AirPods user must know about.

1. Call (name of the person)
While you have your AirPods on you might feel the need to call someone. Just simply say ‘Call’ followed by the person’s name that is in your contacts and Siri on your AirPods will make the call.

2. Where am I?
Suppose you are at a new place or some unknown else and you do not know where you are. Or suppose you want to let someone know your exact location and you do not know what that exact place is called. Don’t worry. Ask Siri “Where am I?” and your AirPods will give you the answer.

3. Take me to (place name)
Let’s assume that you want to go to a specific location but you don’t know the route. Ask Siri “Take me to” followed by the name of the place, Siri will give you the directions through your AirPods on how to reach there. Also, if you have addresses in your contact details then Siri can even take you to those addresses if you command like “Take me to Harry’s” or “Take me home”.

4. What’s the battery life of (my device)
“What’s the battery life of my iPhone” or “What’s the battery life of my Apple watch”- you can Siri these questions and your AirPods will give you the answers. As long as it’s an Apple device, if you ask “what’s the battery life of my” followed by the device name, you’ll get your answer.

5. Announce Messages
Suppose you are driving or you are in a situation where you cannot take out your phone to read the messages. You can ask Siri to read out your messages. For this you need to allow this from the settings of your phone by going on Settings>Siri & Search>Announce Messages. Turn it on from there, and whenever a message enters your phone, your AirPods will give you the message. You can also select whose messages are allowed to be read out from categories like favorites, recent, contacts, or everyone. Another thing is that when Siri starts reading the message you can also ask Siri to stop reading it out.

6. Announce Calls
You can allow your AirPods to mention the incoming calls while you have them on. For this go to settings>phone>Announce calls and select the option headphone only. From, then on whenever you have your headphones on, your AirPods will tell you when you have received a call.

7. Reply to messages
You can ask Siri to reply to the messages. All you need is to dictate the message and tell Siri who to send it to and it will be done.

8. Control your home
You can use Siri on your AirPods to set up HomeKit and control your HomeKit devices in your house.

9. Quick calculations
You can even use Siri on your AirPods to make calculations when you are in a situation where you cannot take out your phone and calculate manually. You can simply ask Siri “What are seven times nine?” or “What is 15% of 47?” and you’ll receive the answer through your AirPods. Conversion of measurements and currency can also be done this way.

10. Translation
Siri can help in translation between some basic languages like English, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian. So if you are in a situation where you do not know how to ask a certain line in a particular language you can always ask Siri. For that, you need to tell Siri, “How do you say, ‘Where is the police station?’ in French.” Your answer will come in your ears through your AirPods and you’ll then be able to converse forward