Live Caption Feature To Be Added On The Chrome Browser On Desktop

India’s biggest search engine Google has very recently decided to make a new addition to its Chrome Browser. This is feature will render audio playing in real-time. This new feature will be known as ‘Live Captions’. This is present on Pixel and Galaxy smartphones for some time now. But the company has now decided to make it available to the Chrome browser on the desktop.

The users who are using the Chrome 89 version will find the ‘Live Caption’ option available. All they need to do is go to Settings>Advanced Sections>Accessibility. There they will find the ‘Live Caption’ option and they need to turn it on.

After it has been turned on, Chrome will be downloading certain speech recognition files. All the captions will be appearing in a pop-up window. This window can be moved here and there and its size can also be expanded or reduced as we deem necessary.

This feature is also present in YouTube on the desktop browser. It was found out that though the feature worked there was a lot of lag.
It was seen that even if the video was muted, the feature still worked properly. A toggle is present at the top of your Chrome window. You can get shortcuts to start or end the video from there.

For now, the feature supports the English language only but other languages are also likely to be included very very soon.