TwelveSouth Announces ParcSlope Stand For MacBook And iPad

For MacBook and iPad users, famous Apple accessories manufacturer TwelveSouth has released its new offering. The new ParcSlope is an ergonomic stand built with a typing and sketching angle of 18 degrees. It will be available from Apple directly from both the Apple Online Store and the Apple retail stores.

The newest update to the company’s growing range of iPhone, iPad, and Mac accessories is the upcoming TwelveSouth ParcSlope. The firm has previously partnered up with Apple to market items such as the MacBook Curve Stand, the BookArc, and the Flexible Stand HiRise.

Thanks to its 2-in-1 interface and support for the iPad and MacBook, The ParcSlope brings a modern approach to the traditional laptop stand. The firm believes that the 18-degree angle makes the ParcSlope suitable for texting or sketching with a MacBook and designing with an iPad.

The 18-degree angle also has ergonomic advantages, letting you gaze at the view of your MacBook straight ahead rather than looking down. For Zoom and FaceTime video calls, it also positions your MacBook at the right angle, TwelveSouth says.

Keeping with the style history of TwelveSouth, the ParcSlope features an all-metal single-piece design that seamlessly combines with Apple goods. It comes with a gray space color hue and has rubber stoppers on the top to keep your iPad or MacBook in place when you are using it.

The latest TwelveSouth ParcSlope will be available soon from the Apple Online Store and Apple department stores, but you can buy it exclusively for $59.99 now from TwelveSouth.