Google Smart Displays Available For Homes From July

Smart speakers are about to be upstaged by an even more intelligent device-smart displays-at-home.

Google revealed smart displays with Google Assistant will hit store shelves in July at its I/O developers conference Tuesday, adding yet another screen to fight for our already fragmented focus.

However, smart displays provide usefulness by adding images to certain activities, such as cooking or home maintenance video demonstrations, and graphics while demanding a weather forecast or traffic update.

Google announced a deal in January with Lenovo, LG, Sony and JBL to equip Google Assistant with smart displays.

Amazon is now one year ahead of last summer’s Echo Show debut. Apple is much further behind in this new room from all appearances. It’s HomePod, the first intelligent speaker, only recently launched and its sales have been mediocre.

Google also said the smart displays will have a YouTube TV app on Tuesday, a feature that was demoed with a request for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on the I/O stage.

With Google Maps, video calls and calling up videos from in-home surveillance cameras, the smart displays can also be useful. Smart displays are not likely to replace smart speakers, especially among lovers of music who enjoy the devices’ ever-improving audio quality.

Any computer that features Google Assistant will incorporate the smart displays.

Prices for displays on Google can differ. Lenovo said its 8-inch smart monitor would run for $199.99 with a 10-inch price of $249.99 during a blog post earlier this year. That’s still a hundred dollars cheaper than the HomePod from Apple.

Google can also create a smart screen of its own. Last month, business vice president Rishi Chandra told Variety magazine that Google has not given up on plans to release a smart screen one day. Due to how the gadgets interact with Nest smart home goods, the collaborations, he said, made sense.