Google Introduces Guest Mode In Smart Speakers

Google has brought Guest Mode to its smart speakers that will act as a public Google Assistant terminal, such as Nest Hub and Nest Mini.

‘Guest Mode’ is another simple way for smart speakers and smart displays to monitor your privacy. Only say, “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,” and your account will not be saved for Google Assistant interactions.

“While in Guest Mode, you can enjoy popular features, like asking questions, controlling smart home devices, setting timers and playing music. Your device won’t show personal results, like your calendar entries or contacts, until you turn the mode off,” Google claimed in a statement on Wednesday.

Last year, the company introduced a way to alter how responsive the term “Hey Google,” is to Google Assistant, offering users more options to minimize accidental activations.

The computer will play a special chime and show a guest icon on the display once ‘Guest Mode’ has been switched on. Until you want to turn it off, ‘Guest Mode’ will remain on.

“When you use your Assistant in Guest Mode to interact with other apps and services, like Google Maps, YouTube or media and smart home services, those apps may still save that activity”

‘Guest Mode’ is now available in English on Google Nest speakers and screens, and will in the next few months come to more languages and computers, the company said.