Apple Planning To Launch Music And Podcast Apps On Microsoft Store

In 2019, Apple started recruiting developers to “build the next generation of Windows media apps,” culminating in last year’s Apple TV app for Xbox. It has also been heard and assumed that the company is planning to add applications for music and podcasts to the Microsoft Store, which will be launched later this year to the public.

It has been reported that Apple has been testing both music and podcast apps for Microsoft platforms in a private beta. It cannot be confirmed if the apps shall be efficient in working with the Windows PCs or will work exclusively with Xbox.

We can easily imagine, however, that since iTunes was discontinued in 2019 with the introduction of macOS Catalina, these applications will be accessible for PC users. While Apple still provides a version of iTunes for Windows, for some time now, the app has not received new features and the experience of consuming Apple Music and Apple Podcasts through iTunes is not strong.

The organization stressed that the job demanded familiarity with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which is essentially the current Windows app platform, as Apple began searching for developers to work on new Windows applications. As Apple has increased its investment in services, providing applications for more platforms, makes sense for the company.

Last year, in September, the first signs appeared and it was announced that Apple was planning to launch the Apple TV app on the Microsoft Store, and although the app was formally launched two months later in November, a similar timetable can extend to applications for music and podcasts.