Android 12 May Revamp Multitasking For Split Screens With “App Pairs”

Google is currently working on a redesigned multitasking feature that enables Android 12 to open app pairs for users.

There’s a split-screen feature in Android 11 that lets you use two side-by-side applications. But the function is a little awkward to incorporate, so Google is testing other concepts.

The search giant is working on a complete revamp of the split-screen system in Android 12 with a new functionality named ‘App Pairs,’ according to 9to5Google. The existing system pins one app and then opens another; App Pairs will group two applications together in Android 12 to use as one mission.

Before, we’ve seen some businesses incorporate app matching features, but Google’s functionality wouldn’t be something fresh. One of the best alternatives, also called App Pairs, was launched by Samsung, which allowed users to create custom shortcuts for two applications of their choice. It’s unclear if the App Pairs functionality of Android 12 would still have the same versatility for consumers.

Android 12’s App Pairs scheme will have a divider that users can change, according to 9to5Google’s results. “In fact, this divider is gaining a bit more functionality, allowing you to swap your two apps’ positions quickly by double-tapping the divider.”

Potentially, we might get a peek into what Android 12 has in store relatively soon. In mid-February, which is around a month out, the first Android 11 Developer Preview was launched last year. We can see App Pairs in motion in just a few weeks if Google keeps to a similar timetable.