You Can Now Make Zoom Calls On Google Nest Hub Max

An announcement was made by the company that the Zoom support for the Nest Hub Max smart display will be set in motion soon by Google as a preview in advance for users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia as we speak.
Additionally, it was also mentioned by Google, Google or Nest Wi-Fi system users might witness few developments to video calls. Detecting and prioritising video call traffic for Google Meet and Zoom is a feature the device is being updated for to automatically perform it. It will offer to help you in case you are facing minor issues with your video calls.

There could not have been better timing for this update with the holiday season approaching and giving a chance to people to be with their loved ones by making as many video calls as possible. The lockdown and steps taken for social distancing have left people no choice other than celebrating remotely by platforms such as Zoom, making it the most popular app of 2020. Back in September, when Facebook added the service to its Portal devices, The Nest Hub Max. Was scheduled to get Zoom but before the Echo Show devices are rolled out by Amazon.

If you are someone who is looking for the functionality of a smart speaker but want a lot more than what the audio-only devices permit – including video calls, then this type of smart display is for you. A wide scope of Portal devices with four sizes to choose from (ranging from 8 inches to your TV) is offered by Facebook. Though, you will have to face their not so privacy-friendly reputation. Presently, the Nest Hub Max is priced at $229.

When it comes to good display, sound, and Alexa support, Amazon’s Echo Show has received great reviews. It does not have support for zoom yet and is unknown when that will be arriving.

The Zoom feature by linking your Zoom and Google accounts should definitely be tried if you already have a Google device or if you intend to have one. The feature can be controlled with your voice by using commands like “Hey Google, join my next meeting” or “Hey Google, start a Zoom call.” With these devices being quite well known in the kitchen, the hands-free commands are very helpful.