“Make Something Wonderful”- Apple Accessibility Website Gets Revamped

A great revamp has been given to the Apple Accessibility website. It “captures their institutional love for accessibility as a thing” stated accessibility and assisting tech reporter Steven Aquino who happened to appreciate the step taken.

To “make something wonderful” … is the invitation given by the Apple page.

Built‑in features that work the way you do. Make them yours, and make something wonderful.

The description of the accessibility features in Apple products is given the usage of large, high-contrast copy by the page.

The key features are highlighted in the following categories by Apple:

For instance, in vision the Magnifier helps reading smaller prints, the ability to set larger system text; VoiceOver, to read text aloud, and put forward an auditory description of visuals; Speak Selection, to read aloud highlighted text; and Audio Descriptions on Apple TV, all of this is described by Apple.

There are links to learn about every feature in each section. For instance, if Sound Recognition within the hearing category is clicked or tapped, is a quick explanation will be received first:

Receive a visible and vibrating notification when your iPhone or iPad detects a particular type of sound or alert — such as fire alarms or doorbells.

Thereafter, a link to a support document with more details, and instructions on how to activate and use it.

Your iPhone can continuously listen for certain sounds—such as a crying baby, doorbell, or siren—and notify you when it recognizes these sounds.

Note: Don’t rely on your iPhone to recognize sounds in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, in high-risk or emergencies, or for navigation.

Set up Sound Recognition

1.Go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Recognition, then turn on Sound Recognition.
2.Tap Sounds, then turn on the sounds you want iPhone to recognize.

Tip: To quickly turn Sound Recognition on or off, use Control Center.

The accessibility of its products is something that Apple takes complete pride in as it proposes these irrespective of the return on investment. It was heard from someone who is quadriplegic on how Apple’s assistive technology does and doesn’t help him, initially in the year.