“Retro Widget” Brings Nokia’s Classic Snake II Game To iPhone And Apple Watch

1976 was primarily when the original Snake game manifested, evolving through time and gaining huge popularity. Soon after, in 1998, the game was included by Nokia on its cellphones as Snake II. Multiple versions of the game have been witnessed on different platforms ever since. Currently, with the same number key controls through the widget support with the Retro Widget 2 app the original Snake II is now available on iPhone.

You can now pop that classic Nokia UI on your iPhone home screen with widgets in different sizes and colours through the Retro Widget 2. New features and functionality have arrived with the latest release as the Retro Widget 2 has been updated. Just like on the old Nokia handsets, Snake II is skilled to play with the standard 1,3,7,9 keys.

For playing Snake II, Apple Watch support was also obtained by the app, at the end of November.

Included Features:
1.5 original mazes
2.9 levels
3.Original artwork & animations
4.Support for Game Center and leaderboards

A one-time purchase for $1.99 of the Retro Widget 2 is now available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

You can now play Snake II on iPhone and Apple Watch, here’s how:


The snake can be moved through the following controls:


1.Number pad (just like you did on the Nokia 3310: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 keys)
2.Gestures: You can swipe the game are to drive the Snake.

Apple Watch

1.Crown: Turn the crown to change the snake direction (clockwise or not)
2.Gestures: You can swipe the game are to drive the Snake.