The Logic Behind Design Of AirPods Max Explained By Apple

Initially this month, AirPods Max was launched as Apple’s first over-the-ear headphones. The AirPods Max is currently the talk of the town and has created some inquisitiveness being priced at $549. The design philosophy of Apple has always been edgier in comparison to its competitors. An explanation was given behind the logic of AirPods Max case by the company in an interview with a Japanese news site. An in-depth conversation was taken place regarding the AirPods Max by Eugene Whang, industrial designer, Bob Borchers, VP of product marketing, and Evans Hankey, Apple’s VP of industrial design, in the said interview.

Storage efficiency was the major reason behind the case design of the AirPods Max, mentioned the executives.

“Today, most headphones come with large, cumbersome cases, but we travel a lot, so we know how important it is to fit in a bag.”

Additionally, Apple also stated that the case –

“Case has a structure in which one sheet is cut out and fastened in several places so that it becomes three-dimensional.”

No other headphones case can be compared to the AirPods Max case. Despite the various jokes and memes, but the ease of use is second to none and is strong, states Apple. In an interview the company executives mentioned “When the ear cup is rotated and inserted here, the headband is exposed. Although it is still in the state, it is judged that it is not necessary to cover it because it is made strong in the first place.”

To carry the headphones, the band becomes like a holder, an explanation has been given by Apple as to why it is created like that “Thanks to the exposed band, it is possible to have a function that you can easily grasp it with your hand and take it out of the bag,” as per the company.