Instagram Introduces New Features To Combat COVID-19 Misinformation

An announcement was made by Instagram that it will be releasing new features to help combat COVID-19 misinformation: a link will be seen by users in areas with surging cases to their local health authority at the very top of their feed along with vaccination information will also be directed to credible health sources.

Hashtags with misleading information about vaccination will be blocked, these are the kind of measures the social media platform plans to take, additionally getting a mention in the announcement tweets. The features come along with various other platforms taking steps to avoid coronavirus misinformation from spreading at a vital time for the US, as health institutions face difficulties with record hospitalizations and the initial approval of COVID-19 vaccines being set in motion.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook (for now) has its misinformation-combatting feature set in motion, notifying users regarding interactions with posts that contain it. Cards are being added below videos about the pandemic by YouTube linking to sources like the CDC and WHO, same organisations used as instances by Instagram. Another announcement regarding misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine being taken down in recent times was made by Twitter.