Facebook Introduces “Collabs” Video App – TikTok’s New Competition

Post its availability as a private beta, new ‘Collab’ app introduced by Facebook allows musicians to record videos and merge their parts for the public’s access. Somewhere between creating short videos like TikTok and social collaboration with a focus on music creation and allowing users to create their own “Collabs” or join in with others on existing ones is what the iOS app offers.

Back in May, was when the private beta of Collab primarily came online says a report by TechCrunch. Since the app is now accessible for everyone, here are some details about what should be expected:

In the app, a “collab” is a selection of three 15-second long independent videos, stacked on top of each other, that play in sync. For example, a collab could consist of a guitarist, drummer and a singer, each playing alongside each other in their respective videos. Users can either create a collab by playing along with someone else’s video or, if you lack musical experience, you can just swipe on one of the three rows to choose a different video to slot into the mix from those available.

When you first open Collab, you’re presented with an endless scrolling feed of these “collabs,” which you can swipe through to find one you want to join or mix. As you discover musicians you like to play along with, you can favourite them in the app to be notified when they post new clips. This also personalizes the main feed.

A clear overrun can be witnessed between Collab and TikTok. The main goal is not based on music videos but it does depend a lot on that kind of content. The famous short-form video format being used by Collab, it will surely attract the attention of some of the TikTok market.

Collab can be just browsed through or new music/artists can be discovered if you choose not to be a part of the creative process, much alike TikTok. Collab users that already exist, are recording artists as well as those who are just willing to dabble.