Astrology Profiles And Friendship Compatibility- New Features Launched By Snapchat

To support users to stay better connected with their friends, Snapchat has introduced new astrological features. The recently developed feature allows you to create astrological profiles and also check astrological compatibility with your BFFs.

The analysation of people’s personalities based on the position of the stars at the time of their birth is the historical practice known as Astrology. The users have now been introduced to it by Snapchat. Cosmopolitan’s US astrologer, Aurora Tower, is Snapchat’s current partner providing chart readings to Snapchatters in the shape of their ‘Astrological Profile’ and ‘Astrological Compatibility’.

All the ten planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are covered by Snapchat on the ‘Astrological Profile’.

The place and time of birth need to be noted by the users for gaining access to this feature. This is how astrology read up can be added to your Snapchat:

> Open Snapchat and click on the profile icon in the top-left corner
> Under the name, tap the purple zodiac symbol
> Enter time and place of birth, and click on “Complete”

Additionally, through astrological predictions, the compatibility of Snapchat users with their friends can be checked as well. Attraction, intensity, tension, support and harmony are the five aspects that are covered. A compatibility summary between Snapchatters is also provided by the feature. If the other user has also chosen to create their astrological profile on Snapchat, then only the Astrological Compatibility will be available.

Both Android and iOS have the access to these new features for all Snapchat users globally.