Apple’s App Store Revenue Share From Developers Who Make Under $1 Million Is Just 2%

According to app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, less than $1 million from Apple’s App Store this year account for only 2% of games revenue that has been generated by the App developers. Developers earning less than $1 million yearly would be entitled to 85% of the revenue share, an announcement was made by Apple.

Around 1,12,000 developers were analysed by the firm over the year, and about 29,000 of them have earned revenue from at least one game, was observed. Over $38 billion in player spending, close to 98% of total App Store revenue has been induced by almost 3% of the developers.

Less than $1,000 in player spending from their games was tracked by nearly half of all game publishers, while 23% gathered less than $10,000. 90% of the total revenue was accounted for from people earning less than $100,000.

The earning between $1 million and $1.5 million of publishers accounted for 0.6% of all companies, collecting 0.5% of total revenue. The share of publishers who make less than $1 million has declined, with more than 98% falling into this segment in 2018, and 97.3% in 2019.

It was observed by Sensor Tower that the deduction of the revenue share to 15% for smaller businesses, a decision made by Apple, will bring about a remarkable change in its longstanding policy of taking a 70/30 split.

Apple’s profits will face a minor impact because of this move, but it might still shake up the market leading to other platform holders following suit in a revenue share reduction.