2020’s Best App Store Apps And Games Announced By Apple

An announcement for the winners of the 2020 App Store Best award was made by Apple today that recognises the most amazing apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac. The traditional list of the most popular apps of 2020 was also shared by the company.

Best Apps of 2020
Wakeout! developed by independent developer Andres Canella, was chosen as the best iPhone app of 2020. Fast and light exercises that can be performed by any person in home offices and classrooms are the kind of aspects the app focuses on.

The best iPad app of 2020 ought to be ZOOM video-chat app as it helped students from all over the world by allowing them to keep learning from the comfort of their own homes during the whole pandemic situation. ZOOM also happened to be the most downloaded free app on the App Store in 2020.

Fantastical by Flexibits was chosen as the perfect app of 2020 for the Mac, available on the App Store. Managing meetings, tasks, and synchronizing everything between different platforms are the kind of advanced features being offered that make it easier. The app also happens to be a popular calendar alternative for macOS users.

The Apple TV app of the year award was won by Disney+, while Endel — an app that aims to help users focus, relax, and sleep — was declared as the best app of 2020 for Apple Watch.

Best Games of 2020

Another category by Apple is dedicated to games available on the App Store in its annual award.This year, the open-world game Genshin Impact was namedthe best iPhone game. For the iPad, Legends of Runeterra from Riot Games was chosen as the game of the year by Apple

For Mac, Disco Elysium, a detective RPG game, was announced as the game of the year — considering only those that are available on the Mac App Store. And finally, for Apple TV, the game of the year happened to be Dandara Trials of Fear The game was developed by a Brazilian studio and it brings multiple challenges in a 2D universe.

The best game available was also chosen for the company’s subscription gaming platform, Apple Arcade, Sneaky Sasquatch was Apple’s 2020 choice. It was launched last year and it lets you “live the life of a sasquatch” by walking through campsites, eating food from coolers of picnic baskets, fishing at the lake, and more.

App Trends of 2020

After the declaration of the best apps and games from 2020 for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac, various other great apps available on the App Store were also given attention by Apple. Shine, Explain Everything Whiteboard, Caribu, Pokémon GO, and ShareTheMeal were the ones included.

Tab two lists with the top apps and games from 2020 will also be found by users on the App Store showcasing ZOOM, TikTok, Among Us, and Call of Duty: Mobile at the top of the ranking.

An aluminum App Store icon with the name of the winner engraved on the other side will be awarded to the developers behind these apps.