Over 14,000 Sticker Combinations By Gboard’s “Emoji Kitchen” To Be Available Soon

The “emoji kitchen” in Gboard is expanding a collection of over 14,000 stickers for all Android users. Google has decided to mix up some wild combinations for their emojis.

A collection of over a hundred handcrafted stickers by emoji kitchen that would just pop up when a specific emoji in the Gboard Beta is tapped. One of the Android announcements included Google stating a stable version of Gboardis getting an extensive expansion of the emoji kitchen that arrived in Gboard beta back in October will be here over a coming few weeks.

To get started, you need to launch Gboard on Android 6.0 or newer and tap two emojis to cook up their combination with the expanded emoji kitchen. By tapping the same emoji twice, you can also curate a much more intense version of that expression. The results will be wild, regardless of the choice you make, as that is the whole concept of this feature’s popularity.

Mix any emoji with the mask emoji to create a “2020 edition”, considering some specific emojis work way better as mixers than others. Additionally, everything becomes cooler with sunglasses on.

All apps supporting stickers such as Messages, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more can access the Gboard’s emoji kitchen. Even though Gboard is available on iOS, no announcements have been made by Google about getting the whole kitchen of stickers to iOS.