YouTube Music Rolls Out New Personalization Features For Playlists And More

YouTube Music has planned to launch the new personalization features which come alongside high-level filters. This will allow users to customize not only the homepage but also “My Mixes”. YouTube Music has added 4 new filters at the very top of the homepage: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Upon clicking on the activity bar, the feed refreshes with personalized recommendations and playlists for the selected “everyday” task.

YouTube Music has added icons to navigate users through songs for different moods and timings. Alongside the carousel chip being highlighted, the iconic background now displays an expedient header image behind the Music logo, microphone icon, and the user’s profile avatar.

Every single one of the seven YouTube “My Mixes” is accompanied by a “different corner of your music world.” The company has confirmed that they are updating the lists every now and then.

Users can simply choose a vibe and click on play, getting access to a whole list of specially curated songs for their exact mood and activity. This update has immensely expanded the “Mixed for you” section from four items by updating it with the recent “My Supermix” rebrand.

The updates are confirmed to roll out for Android as well as iOS.