Samsung Likely To Soon Launch “Galaxy Buds Beyond”

Samsung has released multiple earbuds in the past few years, all out performing the previous. The company’s latest earbuds might be the new “Galaxy Buds Beyond.” Ever since 2018, Samsung has released at least one set of true wireless earbuds each passing year. This year, they released the Galaxy Buds+ s alongside the Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy Buds Live — more commonly known as “the beans” — alongside the Note 20.

A new trademark filing in the US had recently come up, termed as the “Galaxy Buds Beyond”. Woefully, no other details were put out in the trademark filing to give us with any further insights as to what the Galaxy Buds Beyond are going to be like.

As per the trend of last year’s releases, we can speculate that the Galaxy Buds Beyond may be the 2021 successor to the Galaxy Buds+, designed especially for those who prefer a more traditional design for their wireless earbuds.