Samsung Discounts The Galaxy Watch 3 by $60 As Early Black Friday Deal

Samsung recently came out with the new Galaxy Watch 3, which saw a huge success. It is an extremely functionable and wearable watch. Thanks to the upcoming Black Friday, the company is now offering $60 off the price of the watch as an early deal. The Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm) is down to $340 on Samsung’s website, which is the lowest it has been priced since its very launch. The sale is available on Amazon as well.

The company website is available for direct order. The Galaxy Watch 3 shows up as $140 if one has an eligible phone, tablet or pc to trade in. The Watch 3 uses heart rate and accelerometer data to estimate the time users spend in different sleep stages, including REM, as well as the time they might spend awake at night.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 came out in 2019 which acts as an excellent other choice if one wants a smart watch which is slightly thinner or one with a lower pricing scheme. Samsung’s smart watches are one of the most stylish and convenient watches present in the market at the moment. If one is planning to buy a smart watch, the Galaxy Watch 3 is amidst the best options in the current market.