Multiple Workspace Tiers Can Now Access Google Meet Attendance Reports

In September, Google Meet attendance reports have now been set in motion to enterprise customers with more insights and additional features, especially for education users.

Details like the participant’s name, email, and length of time they were on the call are included in the attendance reports. These spreadsheets, which are generated and emailed at the end of a meeting, are presently adding live stream data that recognises the aggregate figure and graphs viewers over the course of a session.

What organisational units are allowed to be turned on attendance tracking is also completely in control of the workspace admins. They can either be created from in-meeting settings or through the Calendar event in advance. Or by simply enabling it by default.

On the top left corner, a live count is presented to the hosts and attendees while streaming. This additional information only appears when Meet is being used from the desktop web and will not be visible to end viewers.

In conclusion, the accessibility of Meet attendance reports is being expanded by Google beyond Enterprise for Education customers to other Workspace tiers: Essentials, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus.

Although, Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, G Suite Basic, Business, Education, or Nonprofits customers do not have the availability of it yet.