Mini Motorways App Tips And Tricks

mini motorways gameMini Motorways is one of my personal favourite games on Apple Arcade. It is truly extremely addictive with your sole challenge being able to connect houses and warehouses so cars so they could reach the destination at the right time. Getting over 1000 points to begin with was extremely challenging but as I discovered some tips and tricks, gaining a higher score became easier. To all the lovers of this game, here are a few lessons that I’ve learnt along the way.

– Make sure the warehouse and cars have the shortest distance. If a new house pops up near house, disconnect the old houses and connect the new house to the warehouse so the cars could reach faster.

– When given a choice between a traffic light and any other item, always choose the other one. Traffic lights are useless.

– Motorways are a godsend. Whenever warehouse needs extra attention, direct a motorway right in front of it.

– Use extra roads to block spaces at the entrance of a new warehouse.

– If you see a traffic congestion, do not use a traffic light, instead build additional roads nearby it so cars could use alternative routes to hit their destination.

– After you hit 500 points, do not use the fast forward button. Always use the play button. Before 500 points, always use the fast forward button to hit 500 points quicker.

Below are a few videos that might help you as well:

Download the game from here for your iPhone.