Instagram And Facebook Messenger Roll Out “Vanish Mode”

Facebook Messenger and Instagram now let users have the option to auto-delete messages right after the user exits the mode on either of the phone apps. Facebook has coined the term “Vanish mode” for the new feature, which wipes out messages instantly after users exit the chat, thus encouraging users to have more intimate and in-the-moment conversations without any fear.

The Vanish mode development was introduced shortly after Facebook unveiled Disappearing Messages for WhatsApp which auto deletes messages from the chats for users after a maximum of a 7-day period.

Facebook explained to users that the Vanish mode on Instagram and Messenger can be activated by swiping the screen up, and the same method can be used to reverse the setting, thus regaining the regular chat settings. From the photos that are available in the blog, it looks like there will be a small bubble at the top of the chatbox which will indicate whether the feature is on or off. The company has not yet confirmed if the new feature will be available for group chats or not. Users will be notified whenever someone takes a screenshot of the chat in case the Vanish Mode is on.

Vanish mode is only available on Messenger in the US and select countries for the time being. The feature is under works to roll out on Instagram anytime soon now.