Google To Rebrand Its Phone App To “Google Call” Along With A Completely New Four-Colour Icon

“Google Call” the Phone app, gets its newly developed logo and name and is now rebranded. The Play Store listing has been refined and the Android dialer has been brought to non-Pixel devices by Google.

YouTube released a new ad along with a download link available for the Google Phone app as – Google Call and a four-colour icon. The “reliable caller ID” feature is the key highlight to look forward to. Nothing unique can be noticed in the screenshot that already exists as we speak.

The ad introduces a new logo on the upper-right corner. Apart from the four Google colours being used, it is a common phone icon that is quite similar to the new Voice logo.

No live news is available about this new icon on Google Play or any other sites. After the big rebrand is accessible to Workspace and all the other apps around that segment, then it will come to Google Play. The same executive that overlooks the productivity suite leads the Phone app, along with Messages and Duo.

This could be the new representation of its home screen icon and the name of the operating system. Faintly, it has a different shape and the placement of the present one is against a blue background.

Possibly, an announcement for the developments in appearance for most of the consumer communication products is awaited. With that being stated, a new name to be followed would be more like a departure.

Although, the rebrand is fairly a thoughtful move out of all the Google smarts in the Phone app till date, right from Call Screen and Hold for Me, in addition to warning and search.