Google Messages To Allow Some Users To Schedule Text Messages

Google Messages’ newest update will allow users to schedule their messages ahead of time. The feature has already been rolled out for a few select users. Upon typing a message, users get the option to set a time and date for the message to be sent at. Scheduled messages’ update hasn’t officially been rolled out to users yet.

Google Messages users can even set custom dates and times to allot messages to be sent out. By simply pressing Save, the customization gets added onto their Google Messages. In order to change the date or time of a scheduled message, one can click on the message itself. A pop-up comes up, allowing the user to change the date, time, or even delete the message entirely.

Google Messages has been testing out quite a few new updates recently. They had launched an update recently which allowed users to sort their messages into multiple categories. The categories provided by the platform included personal, transactions, OTP (one-time passwords) and offers to name a few. Google Messages will be providing the users with the choice to enable or disable the feature.