Google Fit Redesigns, Makes Step Tracking Eminent With New Wear OS Features

An announcement was made last week for a notable Google Fit update for Android, iOS, and wearables. The Fit workout experience on Wear OS is now getting some detailed improvements by Google.

Workout tracking in Google Fit for Wear OS will update with “simpler user experience and fresh new design.” Before you start exercising, it will start on the screen. At the bottom, there is a recently developed “flag” button which will help you set one of five Goals: Calories, Distance, Heart Points, Time, or Open Goal.

The goal, after being set, can be viewed in front and centre on a revamped stats screen. Everything has increased in size and has been spaced out in a much better way, if compared previously, with three lines that take up the whole screen. Your aim is coloured in blue and is centred in the middle with the average time above and the total elapsed below. A green-hued notification will be received highlighting split time and how you’re trending after each mile/kilometre.

Once you swipe to the left, you can see the record of your calories by default in the middle, but that can be cycled through steps, (clock) time, and Heart Points by tapping. A heart rate zone monitor and BPM can be visible at the extreme top of the screen.

Quick access to media controls and settings during a workout can be attained once you swipe to the other direction. The enabling/disabling of Touch Lock on watches running the latest H MR2 update is inclusive of this.

Control is limited to the usage of hardware buttons for pause, resume, and to switch screens, hence, preventing the accidental display taps. When the power button is held down, the lock is then disabled. The Google Fit app on Wear OS will be updated this week and then these workout modifications will be set in motion.