ConnectKit – Developers Can Now Integrate App Store Connect With Shortcuts With The Help Of This New App

Recently, an announcement was made by Josh Holtz, the developer, introducing a new iOS app called ConnecKit, which aims to be a powerful tool for developers. To let developers integrate Apple’s platform with the Shortcuts app along with iOS widgets, the App Store Connect API keys are used by ConnectKit.

ConnectKit will direct you to add the API keys that you can get from your Developer Account within the App Store Connect, after opening the app for the very first time. Fundamentally, this consists of entering your credentials in the app, generating a certificate and then you are all set.

ConnectKit allows for endless possibilities of automation querying and updating information from App Store Connect. ConnectKit takes the API Key and uses it to make a JSON Web Token (JWT), which is used for authorizing requests to the App Store Connect API.

Multiple information from their uploaded apps is available to the developers like sales reports, TestFlight management, and even submit an app for review using Siri, all of this is only possible with the app being configured. Fast and interactive Shortcuts can be created by using all the available data.

Features like fascinating Home Screen Widgets are also presented by ConnectKit, credits to the new iOS 14 APIs. Current status, how many beta testers have been subscribed to a specific app through TestFlight and numbers can be track downloaded.

ConnectKit can be downloaded for free on the App Store but most features are accessible only in the premium version — which can be unlocked by sending a $1.99 to $5.99 in-app tip to the developer.