App Review: PDF Converter – PDF to Word

With access to great free PDF to Word converter, one can transform those PDF documents into Microsoft Word files effortlessly while keeping with themselves the original formatting. PDFs, or portable document format files, were developed in order to make it easier for people to share documents between different computers and operating systems with negligible editing or modification.

On the downside, while these documents are easier to share and print, they’re also hard to edit without a software curated specially for this need. This particular limitation makes PDF to Word converters an extremely vital tool in any work environment amidst today’s interconnected day and age. “PDF Converter – PDF to Word” is a remarkable app, designed especially for the iPad. It allows users to convert PDFs into word documents with the ease of a few options on their screens.

Content And Features

“PDF Converter – PDF to Word” is easily one of the smoothest, fastest PDF to Word conversion apps available in the market today. It consists of tools that allow one to upload a PDF file to their app, and in a few seconds or minutes, an exported version will be available for quick download. The conversion is exceptionally fast and easy. It comes equipped with a few extra features as well, which are extremely user-friendly, thus making sure that users don’t have to compromise on one bit while using their app for work.

Display And Appearance

The display is clean and to the point. It helps one complete their work without any hassle, thus saving up on a lot of time. The layout of the app is extremely user-friendly, making sure that anyone from a first-time user to an expert can smoothly make optimum use of the app. It is an excellent choice for a day-to-day user.

Final Verdict – “PDF Converter – PDF to Word” is one of the finest apps curated for iPads with regard to such conversions. The app does its job with utmost perfection and is highly recommended in today’s digital age. We rate the App 10/10.

You can download the App from the App Store. You can also visit the ToolRocket website for more information.