15% Of The People In The U.S Using iPhones Have Already Installed Customization Apps For Their iOS 14 Home Screen

For the very first time, Apple is letting its users make complete customization of iPhone’s home screen with unique widgets along with the help of iOS 14. This move has increased the demand among all users to the next level. Sensor Tower has made a detailed analysis conveying how almost 15% of the people in the U.S using iPhones, at least have already one app installed to give the iOS 14 home screen a whole new appearance.

Since the launch of iOS 14 on September 16, in the United States, about 13 million iPhone users have installed such apps, reveals a source by Sensor Tower.

A firm conducted research and managed to track down the numerals of the five most popular apps that are available on the App Store and recommends a collection of home screen widgets: Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, Photo Widget: Simple, Widgetbox, and Photo Widget. These apps were downloaded over 3.8 million times On September 21.

Widgets have been commonplace on Android devices for more than a decade. Over the past two months, iPhone users have shown an enduring interest in adding these useful shortcuts to their home screens as well. As the ecosystem continues to grow on Apple devices, developers have the opportunity to identify innovative ways to meet this new consumer demand and potentially achieve greater engagement via increased home screen real estate.

Even though the app did not possess various types of widgets at a certain point in September, it lead to the biggest break of the daily download record of Pinterest on the App Store, credits to iOS 14 widgets. Everyone’s main reason to download Pinterest was to look for inspiration of their iOS 14 home screen layout. September 21 calculated over 616,000 downloads at the App Store.

Apps that were proposing replacement icons for iOS, were downloaded in large numbers after the release of iOS 14. With iOS 14.3, that is presently available as a beta release, avoiding the redirection to the Shortcuts app, users will have the ability to curate app shortcuts with their own customized icons. All these additions aim for the growth of interest.