YouTube Music’s Explore Tab Will Now Show Users The Global Top Charts

In its attempt to introduce new and better features, and compete with other streaming platforms, YouTube Music has released another update. Its Explore Tab will now show global top charts to users.

The App released a second section in the bottom bar in June this year to replace the video-focused ‘Hotlist’. In late 2018, they added playlists for Top 100 songs and music videos. These playlists are based on the number of views a video is getting on YouTube and, according to Google, is the “most accurate representation of what’s happening in music culture.”

A drop-down menu will let users choose either a location or global charts in the following 5 categories:
1. Top Songs
2. Top Music Videos
3. Top Artists
4. Genres
5. Trending

The top charts that used to appear on the Home feed as a carousel will now be placed on the Explore Page between “New Releases” and “Mood & Genres”.

Curious what the top songs are in France? Always wondered what’s trending in South Africa? Easily shift between locations by filtering through 57 countries and counting! The Charts section is your new opportunity to travel the globe through sound.

The feature rolled out in iOS, Android, and web on 5th October 2020. You can go to the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore to update the App and access the new feature.