Top 5 Wallpaper Apps For iPhone 12: Pro, Pro Max and Mini

The single thing that differentiates phones of the same model from each other the most is the wallpaper. The look of a wallpaper makes or breaks the visual aesthetics of a phone. One can simply Google wallpapers and use them, but it is very difficult to set it in coordination with the exact proportions of the screen size of every model. Here are some apps that will provide you with exceptional wallpapers, customized specially as per the proportions of your phone’s screen.

1. Zedge

Being one of the oldest wallpaper apps, Zedge provides users with more options than one can get anywhere else. The app has multiple categories for consumers to browse through and choose from. The app is free for all but requires an additional fee in case one wants to get rid of the ads. Zedge also provides users with the ability to foresee how a wallpaper will look on their phone without applying it first. It allows the users to drag their apps, time stamps etc. onto the wallpaper to get a more realistic picture of how exactly it will look before one can finalize and change the wallpaper on their phone. On top of this, Zedge also offers iOS users with the customized notification notes, ringtones and other sounds.

2. Vellum

Vellum is one of the most popular wallpaper apps amongst iPhone users. It is curated exclusively for iOS. They have a huge collection of wallpapers from all aesthetics and a new wallpaper is uploaded every single day. This ensures that the collection never gets repetitive. The app is also free to use. They provide users with the option to blur out the background as well which one may use to make their icons stand out a lot better.


WLPPR is the best app for travel junkies and nature obsessed people out there. The app has a carefully curated collection of images related to geography and Google Earth-view like wallpapers. The app has different sources from where it collects satellite images and provides them to the userbase to download and set as their phone wallpapers. In addition to this, the app provides consumers with information as to where the picture was taken from and even the source of the particular image.

4. Unsplash

Unsplash is a user friendly, open platform for finding the best wallpapers. The prime feature of the app is that it lets the users upload personally curated wallpapers onto the app as well. One can submit their own designs as well as download the already existing wallpapers on the app for free. Unsplash is available exclusively for iOS users.

5. Background

The last and amongst the gratifying apps on our list is Background. The app is designed in a very straight forward manner. They have different categories of wallpapers for consumers to browse through and download from. It also allows one to preview and apply backgrounds before downloading them. They provide users with one of the most simplistic yet unique collection of wallpapers.