Top 5 iOS Apps For Dog Lovers

We think we’re speaking on everyone’s behalf when we say that everyone loves dogs. More than 67% of people own a dog in the US. A major portion of the rest of the population are either looking to adopt one or are, at least, dog enthusiasts. If you’re a dog lover and are looking to give a dog a home, we’ve got some Apps for you that will help you find your new best friend. Here are the Top 5 iOS Apps For Dog Lovers.


If you have adopted a dog be it from the streets or a shelter, you may be confused about what breed your pupper is. Fetch! is a great app that can help you get as close an idea as possible to figure out your furry friend’s breed. It will also tell you fun facts about the breed.

This is another app that helps you identify the breed of any dog that you have found. You just need to point your camera in the direction of the dog and, even if it is a mix breed, the app will let you know the percentage of the mix of breeds. It is a fast app to determine the breed of a dog.

Furry Friend Finder

As the name suggests, this app lets you find your perfect pet. It works like Tinder – swipe left to pass, and swipe right to keep – with over 300,000 pets to choose from. It’s not limited to dogs and thus also includes cats, birds, reptiles, etc. It’s very simple and fun to use. Adopt a furry friend today!


Similar to Furry Friend Finder, this is a pet adoption app, and it is not exclusively for dogs. You can find cats, horses, lizards, snakes, and birds to become a pet parent. It offers helpful filters wherein you can browse by breed, view multiple photos, and get complete details about the animal you want to adopt. It is ideal for users in the U.S.A. or Canada.


Finally, if you’re not up for adoption but are a dog fanatic, Instagram can be your go-to. With hundreds of accounts that post great quality dog content, you can easily get your daily dose of wholesomeness. From dog meme pages to celebrity dog pages – Instagram has it all. Browse through thousands of photos and videos on an app that you’re probably already familiar with.