Instagram Now Allows Users To Go Live For Up To 4 Hours

Instagram announced earlier today regarding the most recent update for their much-celebrated live feature. Now, users will be able to go live for a whooping 4 hours. In comparison with the earlier restricted 60 minutes, it is a huge development and influencers alongside users are very excited to make the optimum use of this new update.

In addition to this, users will now be able to view their past live streams in the private section of their account, under “achieve”, for up to 30 days after it airs. Moreover, Instagram has also added a brand-new Live feature to the IGTV, allowing users to scroll through and select what to consume from ongoing live streams.

A lot of people have turned to live-streaming amidst the pandemic to fill in the feeling of in-person activities and hanging out sessions. Instagram is striking while the iron is hot and making full use of this situation. Although in today’s world there are multiple platforms for people to go live on, Instagram is making sure it remains the first choice for most.