Instagram Allows Users To Change Chat Themes And More With New Update

Instagram has recently been receiving a lot of updates and this new one has to be one of the most significant ones. Facebook had merged their messaging app with Instagram DMs a while back and with a pleasant surprise, they seem to have brought the chat themes to Instagram along with them. Moreover, several new and exciting features have been enumerated as well.

The brand-new features are available to both Android and iOS users. The users are notified about the added features upon the first time of opening the app since the update. A pop-up comes up, guiding and briefing Instagrammers about the update.

Instagram has added a new personal chat theme feature, react to messages with any emojis, swipe to reply to messages, create selfie stickers and chat with friends from Facebook without the need of downloading the app.

In addition to this, the classic DM icon has now changed to one that looks similar to the Messenger from Facebook. Instagram has allowed users with the optimum resources to personalize their experiences within the app and with different people. Users can keep separate chat themes in separate chats, conferring to the mood of the chat. The selfie stickers are acting as the cherry on top of the cake, making the experience more fun than ever.