FauG Teaser Released By Akshay Kumar And nCore Games

FAU-G, which stands for Fearless and United – Guards, was announced soon after PUBG Mobile, one of the world’s and India’s most desired games of all time, saw the dawn of its denouncement in India after the Indian government’s ban on it, amongst 118 Chinese apps.

People have been on the tip of their toes, eagerly waiting to hear more about the video-game. Akshay Kumar, on the morning of Dussehra, took to Twitter to release a Teaser of the upcoming video-game.

The new PUBG axillary has been announced by the developer nCore Games and is going to be developed under the sharp mentorship of Akshay Kumar himself. The game is predicted to be based on real scenarios encountered by the Indian security forces to grapple with domestic as well as foreign threats. It will be available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for users to download from.

Although not everyone was on board with the new game and the teaser, a lot of the gamers were not completely dismayed with the teaser either. It had a few of the gamers excited since the long awaited first look of FauG was finally out after Akshay Kumar released the trailer.