Facebook Testing Out A New Mini Social Network “Neighborhoods”

Facebook has recently been trying out a new feature, “Neighborhoods”. It is a small network of people based on their geographic location/setting. Facebook intends for it to work in a way that people of a small locality can get to know each other better. The company has already been trying the mini social network out in Calgary, Canada.

Screenshots of the version came up on Twitter a few days ago and people have been curious since. “More than ever, people are using Facebook to participate in their local communities. To help make it easier to do this, we are rolling out a limited test of Neighborhoods, a dedicated space within Facebook for people to connect with their neighbors’, said a Facebook spokesperson.


Users have to confirm their location and join the neighborhood, although they can retract the information after. They will also have the option to only share a limited amount of information with their “neighbors”. After creating a profile on the mini social network, a welcome screen for the network tells users the 5 rules they have to follow: “be inclusive,” “be kind,” “keep it local,” “keep it clean,” and “share valuable information.”

Precedingly, Facebook has been putting more emphasis on private and public groups, contradictory to the public sharing of lifestyle and posts amongst a user’s voluminous circle of friends. With respect to that, Neighborhood might slowly but steadily bring Facebook closer to its aspirations.