Twitter’s Supposed “Testing Feature” Turns Out To Be A Bug

When we thought that Twitter is finally allowing users to edit their tweets, Twitter came forward and labeled this “feature” as a bug.

Around Sunday afternoon, users reported that when they deleted a tweet reply, then tried to reply again, the “deleted” text reappeared, allowing you to fix any mistakes and re-send it.

But, in the evening, it was reported by Twitter that it was just a bug. A Twitter spokeswoman, Liz Kelley, tweeted:

hey tom – unfortunately, we’re not testing this. it’s a bug and we’re looking into it.

Twitter users have always longed and begged Twitter to introduce a feature that will allow them to edit tweets. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has even gone on the record to say that Twitter would “probably never” introduce an edit button.

Other than that, Twitter has introduced some other very useful features recently. They include making its reply-limiting feature available to all users, such that users can have more control over their conversations.