A ‘OnePlus 8T Pro’ Is Not Expected This Year

OnePlus has released two phone lines per year for quite some time now, and nothing seems to be changing this year. Rumors are that the ‘OnePlus 8T Pro’ won’t be releasing this year. 

Last week some core details about the new model were announced. There are not any major upgrades; the display will upgrade to a 120Hz, Snapdragon will update to 865+, and there will be slight changes in the camera array as well.

Even though last year’s ‘One Plus 7 Pro’ got a T variant, Max J tweeted and further clarified in the replies that it won’t be the same for the ‘OnePlus 8 Pro’. 

Before 2019, OnePlus used to launch it’s flagship phone in the first half of the year, followed by a ‘T’ variant of the same phone in the second half. Max J tweeted a photo that had Kebab2 written on it and then crossed out, ‘Kebab’ seems to be the code name for OnePlus 8T.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is a stellar smartphone itself, but fans would’ve appreciated a T-series just as much even if there wouldn’t have been any huge updates. Given that the T- series also comes with a price bump, and the only major upgrade would be the Snapdragon 865+, maybe it’s a good decision to leave the OnePlus Pro series be, with the series going until OnePlus 9.