iHeartRadio Releases New Standalone Apple Watch App With Streaming Support Among Other Features

Many audio services seem to be taking advantage of the Apple Watch as we see iHeartRadio latest in line to launch streaming support with an Apple Watch App. It is also bringing library syncing and more features.

After Pandora launched streaming support for its Apple Watch App this February, Spotify also started testing the same in September. Now, iHeartRadio is debuting its Apple Watch App that works independently of your iPhone with streaming support and more.

iHeartRadio detailed its Apple Watch app debut in a press release today:

The iHeartRadio Apple Watch App provides an easy way to access all of listeners’ favorite content anytime and anywhere. The features that users can access via the app include Search, Recently Played, Your Library (which includes Your Stations, Your Podcasts, and Your Playlists), Add to Playlist, and more.

The app can be used alongside the iOS companion app as a remote control, but will also work on its own when your iPhone isn’t around. So, if you leave your phone behind, you can still listen to your favorite music and podcasts.

Although there is no mention of offline playback, you can get your playlists synced with the new watch app. The iHeartRadio Apple Watch App is currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. Here’s how iHeartRadio describes the UI of its Apple Watch app:

Speaking of favorites, the Your Library tile on the home screen shows listeners “Your Stations,” “Your Podcasts” and “Your Playlists,” which consists of all of the stations, podcasts and playlists they have followed or created themselves — all of their favorite content. Fans can also thumb up their favorite songs and enjoy more of the same functions of the iOS app.

You can download the iHeartRadio App for free from the App Store with in-app purchases for premium features from $5.99/month.