Apple Marina Bay Sands To Soon Open Its Doors

Apple Marina Bay Sands is scheduled to open this Thursday, September 10 at 10 am. Apple removed the temporary decorations on the store’s glass dome to reveal the actual appearance of Singapore’s own beauty.

Following the Apple Orchard Road and Apple Jewel Changi Airport, Apple Marina Bay Sands is going to be Apple’s third and the most unique store.

This is the first Apple Store that has a spherical structure with 114 pieces of curved glass wrapped around it. Its dome has the most unique style – both structurally and visually – with streamlined panels curving horizontally. It is also the first Apple Store that rests on a waterbody.

The store has been split into three distinctive zones. The first zone comprises an open-air inclined boardwalk that rises from the shore and connects to the dome. The boardwalk has been marked with a small Apple signpost. In the dome, 10 tables and 10 trees are arranged in a unique radial pattern. The custom lamps lighting the tables can be found in only a handful of other Apple Store locations around the world. Opposite the entryway, a Forum, Video Wall, and leather benches have been placed for future Today at Apple sessions.

The dome’s roof has been designed keeping in mind Singapore’s tropical climate. To deflect the heat and direct sunlight, a series of concentric baffles has been extended from the glass that encircles the dome as it narrows toward the oculus. The dome is fully self-supported by 10 narrow vertical mullions.

To move around the floors, a curved staircase, cylindrical elevator, and a set of escalators that descend underwater (for the first time ever in an Apple Store) have been installed. The store’s third zone comprises a subaquatic tunnel and Boardroom that connect to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Customers are guided through the tunnel by a row of six tables and long Avenue displays lining both walls. The stone walls, sweeping curved at the entrance, provide a panoramic view of the mall.

Apple Marina Bay Sands, although Apple’s 512th store, is a one-of-a-kind store. With the minds of architects Foster + Partners, Apple has managed to create a space exclusive for Singapore’s waterfront environment and instantly recognizable skyline. Apple’s new space will open with all of the health and safety measures that are expected by the customers from the trillion-dollar company.

If you wish to visit and observe the beauty by yourself, make sure to book a time to visit as the opening day visit will be limited and be available by appointment only in the interest of health and safety.