Apple Launching India Online Store On September 23rd

Apple has finally announced the launch of its Online Store in India on September 23rd. Starting that day, customers in India will be able to order products from the Apple store. In India, Apple currently sells its products through resellers and third-party websites like Amazon.

Through its online store, Apple will offer customers the ability to buy products directly from Apple. Apple will also offer support for customers in English and in Hindi. Customers can buy products including the iPhone, the iPad, Mac, AirPods and all other Apple products. Apple currently manufactures the iPhone 11 into Indian states. Apple will also allow customers to engrave whatever they choose to on new Apple products.

Apple will also allow customers to trade in their iPhones to buy new ones and configure their Macs according to their requirements.

India is a huge market for Apple and this move which was long awaited will definitely boost sales for the company. Check out this wonderful page by Apple to learn more.