Apple Countersues Epic Games For Damages Over Breach Of Developer Contract

The long-drawn battle between Apple and Epic Games continues as the former has filed an official countersuit against the latter asking for damages over the breach of its developer contract. In the new filing, Apple has called out Epic for not being the “modern corporate Robin Hood” that it claims to be.

Apple, looking to seek compensation from Epic over the breach of its contract, included the following statement in the court filing, reports CNBC.

″Epic’s lawsuit is nothing more than a basic disagreement over money,” Apple said in a filing with the District Court for the Northern District of California. “Although Epic portrays itself as a modern corporate Robin Hood, in reality it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that simply wants to pay nothing for the tremendous value it derives from the App Store.”

Though the amount of money that Apple is seeking is unknown, it shouldn’t be a lot considering that Apple is only trying to recover it lost during the few hours that Epic snuck a direct payment method into Fornite on iOS before it got kicked off of the App Store.

In the same countersuit, Apple has also asked the court for a “permanent injunction” to ban Epic’s direct payment option.

Apple is now going one step further, asking the court to hold Epic liable for breach of contract and other counts, seeking restitution of all money Fortnite collected through its payment system, and seeking a permanent injunction banning its external payment mechanism in all apps, including Fortnite.

Apple has also referred to Epic’s actions as a “sneak assault” and its direct payment feature as “commission-theft functionality” in the new filing.

Unbeknownst to Apple, Epic had been busy enlisting a legion of lawyers, publicists, and technicians to orchestrate a sneak assault on the App Store. Shortly after 2:00 a.m. on August 13, 2020, the morning on which Epic would activate its hidden commission-theft functionality, Mr. Sweeney again emailed Apple executives, declaring that “Epic will no longer adhere to Apple’s payment processing restrictions.”

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