Top 5 iPad Apps For Pilots

It is unlikely that Aviation technology will be able to take place of the experiences and expertise of human pilots in the near future. Nevertheless, navigation and data logging apps are unquestionably making lives easier for them. There are numerous apps that are helpful for pilots, from flight training and weather briefings to calculators and games. Some of the apps worth considering for any pilot’s iPad are listed below.


This app has been a huge success since the day it was launched. The app uses GPS to capture the flight path and is excellent for freshmen and instrument pilots to keep a track of maneuvers and instrument approaches. It produces an on-the-spot analysis of the aircraft flight path in a 2D or 3D environment. It also allows to overlay flightpath on a Google satellite or terrain map and demonstrate it over aviation charts. By retaining a comprehensive log of the flight, including speed, altitude and location, it helps pilots to re-examine it afterward on the ground.


When it comes to viewing a radar image quickly, no other app can beat MyRadar. Within moments of starting the app, it provides a clear radar picture focused on the users’ location and evaluates precipitation trends. This free app is quick, easy to use and exhibits looping NEXRAD radar for the entire area that is convenient to zoom in on. It is ideal for preflight weather briefings and incorporates some admirable aviation features such as TFRs, AIR/SIGMET overlay and route overlays related to N-numbers.


FltPlan is one of the most extensively used flight planning services, notably for corporate aviation providing numerous aviation features in a free app. This app allows the user to fetch and store the navigation logs and weather briefings and includes FAA charts, moving map navigation, checklists, weather imagery and so on. It has gradually emerged as a perfect Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app.


FlightAware is one of the most popular apps presenting a good mix of features and convenience. It provides free live flight tracking and the information is enhanced with a map representing the aircraft’s current location and its former flight path along with a live NEXRAD overlay. Users can explore the data by using aircraft registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair or airport code.


Foreflight is a revolutionary iPad app that embraces both pre-flight and in-flight processes including moving maps, approach charts, terrain awareness, weather graphics, weight and balance, flight plan filing, a digital logbook, flight playback, and a whole lot more. Because of this app, several pilots have entirely replaced their paper charts and portable GPS systems with products like the Sentry and Stratus ADS-B receivers and the Garmin GDL 52 SiriusXM receiver.