Instagram’s New Feature “Suggested Posts” Adds Content You Don’t Follow On Your Feed

Trust Instagram to keep bringing updates that will keep you hooked to the App. The newest on the list is the “Suggested Posts” feature.

With this feature rolling out to all the users across the world, Instagram will now show only the brand new posts on your feed. After browsing through them, when, as Instagram says, “You’re All Caught Up”, the App will start showing you content that you don’t follow. Don’t worry as you can still revisit the old posts from accounts that you follow. 

The “Suggested Posts” would obviously be based on what you do follow except that it would not be from the accounts that you actually follow. It would also be different from the “Explore” tab as it shows adjacent content while the “Suggested Posts” will directly reflect your current interests.

The only downside is the endless scrolling through this other content that comes up on your feed. It’s a huge change to the App and not everybody seems to be content about it. As of now, the suggested posts will be limited to ads, photos, and videos and won’t show IGTV or Reels content.

Otherwise, it’s a good move by Instagram to keep users glued to the App and, as a result, see more ads. Furthermore, it’s a major reversal from Instagram’s stance two years ago when the App introduced the end-of-feed feature so that users spent less time mindlessly scrolling through the App. It also revealed plans to introduce the “Your Activity” feature to monitor screen time back then.

Overall, Instagram has gained more ad space, allowing itself to make as much money as possible even if it means more screen time and mindless scrolling for its users.