Google Coerced OnePlus, LG Into Reneging From Pre-installing Its Store On Devices, Claims Epic Games

In a follow-up to the lawsuit filed by Epic Games, the game developer has now blamed Google for blocking OnePlus and LG from distributing the Epic Games App and Storefront on its devices.

While this claim might hold some truth to it, it still seems a bit far-fetched. Before the game officially made it to Google Play Store, one needed to sideload the Epic Games launcher to install Fortnite. In the much controversial lawsuit, Epic has claimed that Google coerced OnePlus and LG into reneging from the agreement to pre-install the Epic Games Store on their devices. 

It is unclear why Google would make such a move. Though we are yet to receive an official response from Google, it is sure a rare sight to witness Epic Games trying to fight back against two of the biggest companies in the tech world.